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Israel has exposed themselves as a force for genocidal evil. Their enemies will not rest until they can no longer plague mankind with their butchery.

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Nice simulation, I think the scenario given by the Israeli report on this is even worse. Basically the Iron Dome and the David Sling systems get depleted within days, and then Hezbollah strikes key infrastructure like desalination plants and power stations. And also, you have the thousands of suicide drones at low altitude striking targets deep into Israel. Not to mention that a war with Hezbollah means a multifront war against The Axis of Resistance(except Iran). Israel will also receive projectile attacks from Yemen, Iraq and Syria from the pro-Iran militias there. (Like the latest one from Iraqi Islamic resistance targeting the Eilat port with one of these drones) https://www.calcalistech.com/ctechnews/article/skc0dbmia

And on the ground warfare, it get's worse. From several ex-military I've talked to(or watched their content, I'm a civilian btw), they have told me really bad things about the IDF. The IDF reservists are basically a bunch of trigger-happy undisciplined and poorly trained amateurs that are not ready for a real war.(From their combat footage in Gaza, these guys don't do dismounts to protect their tanks, don't pull security, etc.)

Basically, these last years they did a lot of budget cuts cutting off a lot of their career officers and professional soldiers(and even their reserve system was in serious trouble), and the few remaining guys are overworked, super stressed, and poorly paid, so they don't have enough manpower. (Not to mention that because they became a Colonial Police force basically, they lost even more of their war skills). They also suck at combined arms warfare and lack proper equipment(like vests, helmets). I don't know if while you were on the Marines you read the "We Were Caught Unprepared" paper on the 2006 war on how Hezbollah kicked their asses badly(and they are actually a competent well trained and disciplined military force), and basically the 2006 mistakes still exist. https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Portals/7/combat-studies-institute/csi-books/we-were-caught-unprepared.pdf

So yeah, for me, it's basically suicide for Israel if they invade Lebanon.

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You mispresent the situation.

Israel can send Lebanon and all people there back to the STONE AGE if Israel see too much damage

2-3 Small tactical E.M.P bomb which probably Israel army poses would be dropped in different location and it would crimple all of Lebanon.

The result of such a EMP bombing will not kill people but the result will cause No electricity, no water, no communication, no airport and sea port can operate No trucks and transportation and shortage of food.

It is very simple - War with Israel = Lebanon will be in the Stone age for many years.

Conclusion - Hezbollah is going to be instinct and gone.

What you present is WISHFULL THINKING!

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